Winston Churchill in Literature

Besides being himself an active writer, Churchill is often mentioned in  literature.  Here are some examples:

Chieveley seemed so insignificant in contrast with its fame to those who had followed the war on maps and in the newspapers, that one was not sure he was on the right road until he saw from the car-window the armored train still lying on the embankment, the graves beside it, and the donga into which Winston Churchill pulled and carried the wounded.

Davis, Richard Harding (2011-03-17). Notes of a War Correspondent “The South African War: I–With Buller’s Column.” (Kindle Locations 1061-1063).  . Kindle Edition.

Davis devoted a whole chapter to Winston Churchill in Real Soldiers of Fortune.

Even in those first days of his career in the House, in debates where angels feared to tread, he did not hesitate to rush in, but this subject was one on which he spoke with knowledge. Over the older men who were forced to quote from hearsay or from what they had read, Churchill had the tremendous advantage of being able to protest: “You only read of that. I was there. I saw it.”

Davis, Richard Harding (2012-05-11). Real Soldiers of Fortune (p. 50).  . Kindle Edition.

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