When Christians Roamed the Earth

WhenChristiansRoamedtheEarthWhen Christians Roamed the Earth is a collection of articles by creationist Bible-believing Christians. From the cover:

It is thought that sometime after the famous Scopes Trial, a “theological asteroid” impacted the Christian world and caused a mass extinction of Bible-believing Christians and values.”

The book goes a long way toward equipping Christians for giving a reason for the hope that is within them. With a bit of study you can show yourself able to give a reason for the hope that is within you. Science is never a consensus. It is never “settled.” The rediscovery of the Bible during the renaissance led to all kinds of scientific exploration and discovery.  It is time to dust off your Bible and rediscover truth that never changes.

The articles and the writers:
  1. The Conflict of the Ages — Henry M. Morris
  2. Biblical Authority and the Book of Genesis — Ken Ham
  3. The Fire Builders — Jack Cuozzo
  4. The Denial of the Obvious — John D. Morris
  5. Cultural Change: The Creation Background — Carl Wieland
  6. Ye Shall Be as Gods — Jonathan Henry

Click here for an excerpt from chapter 2.

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