1683 Timothy Jerome

Birth 1683 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Hampton, England
Death 23 Feb 1750 in Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, America

The following notes were found on Ancestry.com:

Timothy Chauncey Jerome was born about 1688, and died at Wallingford (now Meriden), Conn., Feb. 23, 1751. It is said that he was one of three brothers who came together to America. (John and Stephen Jr.), which implies that there was a Stephen Sr. They came from England with a Royal Grant for monopoly on salt making in the area….

In 1717 he was a resident of Wallingford, being one of the first settlers. He was a Sergeant of a train band, and was recorded as a Freeman on Apr. 30, 1730. It is said that he was a captain in the military and that his sword is still in the Jerome family.

Timothy was the Great Great Great Great Grandfather of Sir WInston Churchill.

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  1. The sword may have been passed down to my Grandfather, Henry Lynn Jerome. He was the sonHenry Cassius Jerome, son of James Nelson Jerome who was the son of Willard Nelson Jerome son of William, son of Willaim, Son of Timothy and Abigail. I remember Grandpa had a sword that he would take out and show us. It was a dress sword that belonged to a family member whom I cant remember who he said. I don”t know what happened to the sword but still keep my eyes out for it. Hopefully one day it will show up again. Again I dont know if this is the family sword but it looked old enough to be.

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