1820 Elijah Hodges

Birth: about 1820 in North Carolina
Death: Unknown

Spouse: Mary Prindle (1825-1899)

William B. Hodges(1846- )
James L. Hodges (1848-1902)
Malvina Hodges (1850- )
John W. Hodges (1851- )
Felix G. Hodges (1853- )

Discovering Elijah

The above family structure is derived from two census records, being the 1850 and 1870 censuses. The missing record for the 1860 census would surely be a great help in knitting this family record together. The 1870 census record shows that James L. and Nancy L. Hodges married within the year. They were still living with mother Mary Hodges and the other siblings noted above except William B. Hodges who may have married and moved on and Malvina who may have died young.

The difficulty in putting this family together arises out of several factors. First, there were many Hodges families in Kentucky at that time. There appears to have been at least three men named Elijah Hodges living in the same area, born a few years apart, and two of them had family members named Mary. One married a Mary and the other lived with his sister Mary.

The second difficulty is with transcription errors in entering the data for the genealogical search services. In the census record for 1850, Elijah Hodges was entered as Elizah Hodges, and his son, James L. Hodges was entered as James D. Hodges.

This is the record for Elijah Hodges for the 1850 census as found on Ancestry.com:

Image of data record from Ancestry.com for Elijah (Elizah) Hodges in 1850 census.

And here is the facsimile of the record for Elijah from the same census:

Image for Elijah Hodges family from the 1850 Census.

The discovery of this 1850 census record was an important milestone for this researcher. I had found the 1870 census record for James L. Hodges which tied him to wife Nancy L. and his siblings and his mother. This was done by the end of the free two week trial period on Ancestry. The discovery of the 1850 record came seven years later when the researcher’s son made a Christmas gift of a six-month World Explorer membership in Ancestry. Elijah was discovered in the first month. Now, a year later on the renewal of the membership, a fresh look at the records has revealed the presence of the other Elijah Hodgeses in the same time and general area.

Learning Mary’s Maiden Name

From the birth record of daughter Felix G. Hodges, we learn the maiden name of Mary Prindle, wife of Elijah Hodges. Then from the gravestone of Mary Hodges, wife of Elijah Hodges, we learn the dates of her birth and death.

Headstone for Mary Hodges, nee Prindle, in the Hammondsville Cemetery in Hart County, Kentucky.


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