1671 Thomas Hodges

Birth: 15 Sept. 1671 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States
Death: 1713 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Later revision of my family tree indicates that this should point to a 1683 Thomas Hodges of Goochland County, Virginia, USA.

Birth 1 JANUARY 1683 • Goochland County, Virginia, USA
Death MAR 1750 • Cumberland County, Virginia, USA

He married Christian Woodson of Goochland County.

Birth 1689 • Goochland County, Virginia, USA
Death 1713 • Goochland, Goochland, Virginia, United States

There is an interesting story in the Woodson family, going back to colonial days in Virginia. Dr. John Woodson (1586-1644.) He was coming home from a house call when an Indian rebellion rose up.  Dr. John Woodson’s wife, Sarah Winston (1590-1660) defended the family home with the help of a neighbor. She hid the boys in the potato bin and in a tater hole in the floor boards of the house. With an ancient blunderbuss Dr. Woodson had brought from England the neighbor dispatched two or three Indians with each shot. Sarah boiled water  and killed a few attackers with the fire tools as they tried to scramble down the chimney. The rest of the attacking party heard the death cries and ran away.

Virginia historical records remind us to remember Potato Bin Woodson and Tater Hole Woodson. The old family blunderbuss is on load to local museum.

This is the life of our ancestors and how the made a place for themselves in America. The generations became leaders and officers in the Revolution.

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