Happy Birthday, Andrew Lang!

As this website is about genealogy, history and literature, I take this opportunity to salute one of the authors I am reading.

One this day, March 31, in 1844, Andrew Lang was born. I became interested in Andrew Lang when I started collecting fairy tales to read someday with my granddaughter. Last year I started seriously collecting books authored, edited, or translated by Andrew Lang. It is of interest that the author I read prior to Lang is Henry Rider Haggard who co-authored with Andrew Lang the last book in my Haggard sequence. (Yay! I got a headstart on reading Lang by reading the co-authored book.)

I catalog my collection on LibraryThing.com. One of the features I have recently started to appreciate is their On This Day feature on my home page. They list authors and one of their works for people born on the day or died on this day. I often find I have at least a few books of many of the listed authors. I use the names on On This Day to search for free Kindle books to expand my collection. So today, after having checked out page after page of Andrew Lang works, I added several new titles to my collection and to my list of works to read.

Happy Birthday, Andrew Lang!


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