When Grandfather Met Robin Hood

Published by Twigg on 2014-09-06

I just finished reading Robin Hood by Henry Gilbert. I was particularly interested as Twigg Hodges and Humphrey Twigg Hodges lived in the Peak District, which is often mentioned in this version of Robin Hood.

When Richard Lionhart returned from his crusade and had been ransomed from hostage takers in Germany, he sought to meet Robin Hood and thank him for his services to his people and for Robin’s help in collecting the king’s ransom.

A few paragraph’s regarding how Richard went to meet Robin Hood:

Two days later, Ralph Fitz-Stephen came to where the king was staying at the castle of Drakenhole, and craved audience with him. When he saw the king he bent on one knee, and when King Richard had commanded him to speak, he said:

‘Sire, I have learned that since you have kept in these northern parts, the outlaw Robin has been haunting the roads of Ollerton, stopping rich travellers and taking of their wealth. Now I give thee counsel in what way thou mayest get word with this rascal. Take five of thy lords — those who are not hasty or quick of temper, I would advise, lest they betray who ye be before thou hast word with the outlaw — and borrow monks’ weeds garments from the abbot of Maddersey across the river here. Then I will be your guide, and I will lead you to the road where Robin and his comrades do haunt, and I lay my head on it that ye shall see that rascal ere you reach Nottingham.’

‘By my faith,’ said Richard with a hearty laugh, ‘but I like thy counsel, forester. Do thou get the monkish garb from my Lord Abbot for myself and thee and my five lords, and we will go with thee.’

Though the day was already far gone, Richard would set out at once, and as soon as the monks’ garments were brought he put the great black gown over his rich surcoat, which blazed with the leopards of Anjou and the lilies of France, and then upon his head he put a hood and a wide-brimmed hat, such as ecclesiastics wore when they travelled. He was very elated at the prospect of so strange an adventure, and joked and laughed with the five knights whom he had chosen to go with him. These were Hamelin, Earl de Warenne, Ranulf, Earl of Chester, Roger Bigot, William, Earl of Ferrers, and Sir Osbert de Scofton.

For the story of what went on in this famous meeting you can refer to Henry Gilbert’s version or probably any of the other versions of Robin Hood. Here we are indebted to Henry Gilbert for naming the five knights who accompanied King Richard.

I mentioned the two Hodges forebears who lived in the Peak district. They lived on land once owned by the Earl of Ferrers. Another of the knights, Roger Bigot, is the ancestor of the wife of one of my Scrivner ancestors. Bigot, an ancestor of Hannah Crampton, wife of Benjamin Scrivner (1660-1704) is also one of my grandfathers.


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