A Voyage Long and Strange: A Guide to Early Explorers of America by Tony Horwitz

Published by Twigg on 2014-06-02

In keeping with presenting a history of America that is uniquely intertextual, I have chosen Tony Horwitz’ guidebook to touring America’s past. On a road trip some summers ago Tony pulled off the highway at Plymouth after the Red Sox gamed ended on the radio. His brief tour then led him to learn more about what happened in the 128 years between Columbus and the Mayflower. In fact Horwitz takes us on a fantastic voyage as he travels to all the scenes of the explorers, from the early Vikings right up to the Pilgrims stepping off the Mayflower.

I am sure you will enjoy reading along as Tony tells the story of his journey. In fact, you might want to include a segment of Tony’s travels as part of your own summer travel. You too can be an explorer of America’s history.


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