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Published by Twigg on 2014-05-01

Everything has a beginning, so I come today to introduce my new website. This site is about me, but it may also be about you. I am going to do something new with this. I read a lot of books. I collect books. I also am interested in genealogy, DNA, history, well a lot of stuff.

Years and years ago my grandmother’s sister did a book about their roots. Their father was a Jerome, and Winston Churchill’s mom was a Jerome. Well not the American Churchill…, the one who was PM of England in the middle 1900s.

I will be writing about patterns. I will talk about the meaning of trees, roots, branches. I will also write about the books I see. But I will also create links to and from my tree, branches and roots so the stories can be put in context.

There are a few things I always wanted to do. Always! Really always. As early as the 1960s I wanted to start my own school. OK, so fifty years isn’t always. But it is a lifetime of working years. So guess what? This is going to be my school. So to come to my school all you need to do is register to be a user. I will soon be opening a discussion board and to encourage you to join me in this adventure I am opening comments right from the beginning.

Oh, to make it possible to spend all the time it will take to build this site I will be adding a store and some affiliate marketing. I hope you will support this site by buying a lot of stuff from my store. The proceeds will support education and hopefully me too eventually.

I am really glad to meet you. You can call me Twigg.

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