Accepting the New Media as Literature

A recent survey of Internet users indicated that a large percentage of users, particularly “Millennials,” citizens coming into adulthood after 2000,   are using alternative search engines. The new searches are on Wikipedia, Amazon, and YouTube. Even our spell checkers now recognize these new media.

Because of the universal availability of the new media, I want to begin sharing a few items I find on YouTube.

I have been enjoying some Christian music YouTubes, and also a few religious conversion stories. This week I found one such story that had me in tears. A mother in India had a uterine infection. The doctors told her her baby would die. She prayed that the baby would live and promised to give the baby to Allah if it lived. It did live and she did give it to Allah. Here is a link to the story:

The Mystery

The very strange thing about this story is the new convert cites the chapter in the Quran that address the issue of Mary’s virgin   birth. This leads one to ask them-self if Mohammad was Catholic or if the Pope was Muslim. Where did this doctrine come from? When did the Catholic church adopt the Mariolatry doctrine? Was it before Mohammad wrote it? Did Catholic church and Mohammad use a third party source? If both church and Mohammad used a third party source, both are guilty of plagiarism and neither was inspired.

Indeed, this is a very great mystery. What is your opinion? Who worshiped Mary first? Mohammad or the Catholic church? Or maybe both borrowed the doctrine from an apocryphal gospel, perhaps the Gospel of Mary.

What do you think? You be the history sleuth and find a solution.


  • Quran Chapter 3: The Family of Marium
  • Quran Chapter 19: Marium

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